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April 16th, 2005
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April 16th, 2005
[ mood | tired ]

so tonight was the dance.it was good; i guess. me&& anna got there and chris denzel and all them come up screaming to us"theres no dj" blah blah so we got pissed cuz it was our last one and whatever. so they had a BOOMBOX. lmao in the caf. ha it was great, it really was. ill have pics scanned by tmrw thanx to kathleen!<3&& it happened tonight;;chris asked me to be his girlfriend.so i'm with him right now. =D they only played one slow song. so sad.so after the dance we all went our seperate ways. i stuck with chris&& anna. we first went to taco bell with everyone and then we all split up. me anna angela kathleen kristy faithy nick chris denzel bryan and adam went to SUBWAY<3(eatfresh, duh!)&& hung out there for alittle while. which was fun. me anna and adam went outside and played HACKEYSACK. me and anna rocked, DERRR. hehe. then we ran into people, so all of us just left to go to fudruckers to see who was all over there. about 40people were &the manager called the cops on them so they all ran out so the cops came and everyone broke into little groups and was walkign around EVERYWHERE. so me chris jake faithy angela joel nick and dave were all together when the cops came up to us. and just told us to go home and whatever. so the cops were all over the place. near the movies. 2by our school. one at fudruckers one at taco bell. it was crazy &&we were like, TRAPPED. haha so me and chris walked over to taco bell to meet up with anna and them. so me chris anna jake kathleen kristy wilson mike and pat were all at taco bell and then alot of people showed up and so did faithy and denzel. and i found out that ang nick caitlin and manny were over at the TRACK at school. haha then chris left.=( and 10mins later annas mom picked us up. and that was my night.
&& taylors party tomorrow. hecks yeaaaaah=D

BrAvEs102k5: i want chris u get anna
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April 13th, 2005
alright;;;well today was fun!<3 alright so i'm over Anthony, pretty much. i think? &&i like this new boy =DDD yeah. i'm terrible. haha but this is me just trying to get over anthony as fast as he got over me, so i'm not wrong for liking another guy<3 well after track today me&& a bunch of people (angela faithy jamie jay denzel manny colin dave nick &&joel) stayed after for the boys baseball game, cuz they're HOTTT. duh!♥♥♥ well our boys kicked assss, duhhh!=Dand haha, chris seemed mad at me throughout practice so after practice when we were all using the phones i asked him for my piggyback ride and he gave me one &&told me he wasn't mad at me.so♥then me &&nick were gonna walk up to our lockers but we stopped at chris's && i went in to give him a hug and he picked me up! &bruno (one of the principals) was behind us and he goes to chris "what are you doing, are you crazy??" haha so nick being the cool person he is screams "PDAAA!!!!!" hahaha it was so embarrassing. but it's all good. so we all stayed for the game and it was fun but i was freezing and stuff and jay was like, all over me?haha yeah. hes sweet though.=D and then on FRIDAY IS OUR LAST DANCE♥♥♥&& we can't figure out what we're doing for the afterparty YET.and this is my update=D♥soooooo later. !!!!!!

but they don't know that what you love is ripped away
before you get a chance, before you get a chance to feel it
everybody here is living life in fear of falling out of line
tearing lives apart and breaking lots of hearts just to pass the time
and the eyes get red in the back of your head, this place will make you blind
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April 10th, 2005
[ mood | hot ]

well i babysat last night@my aunts && i went to church today and i saw my2hotties. i wrote down my screenname on a pience of paper just about to give it to the1boy (cuz we stare@eachother all the time during church=DDD)but he left w/the other hottie=((. oh well, haha next week FORSURE!!!well it was beautiful out today so i made plans with johnny. before i found out that i have soccer practice every sunday from now on till sept.yeeeppp.well anyways. i tanned for alittle while with my mom then johnny came over. we chilled here for 5mins then we walked up for some icecream@andersons<3 so we caught up on alottttt of things which was really good&&whatever. so we ate there, then came back to my house. then went to his house &&hung out +whatever. then went to my house cuz we wanted food now. so we were gonna go out for lunch but then decided just to go up to convinent to get snacks; so we did that. and then we walked back to my house, haha&&then he went home. now i'm hereeee=D comment dear <3!!!!!

[EDIT]: SPRING BREAK05 pics under the cut
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April 9th, 2005
alright screw that, i can't live without livejournal<3 !! && i'm over the break up, kinda, almost. not really. but anyways the point is i'm not about to leave lj =D
well yesterday i had track till5 && i saw peter & aaron so i offered them a ride home and aaron went home with us<3 then i was supposed to hang out with carmen johnny &&anna but noone could have people over. haha. so i just stayed home cuz i didn't have a ride to NF for the battle of the bands =( and i didn't wanna go to the movies. so i played football in the schools parking lot with my brother, jeremy and cassie. then we ran into taylor and his friends and then me and cassie went to wilson farms to get some stufff. on the way there we saw colin haha. so we came home && i saw the boys but i didn't feel like hanging out with them. so 10mins later taylor came over and i answered the door and he had this scary mask on and this halloween stuff on with his lacrosse stick trying to scare me, with the 5other boys hiding in my lawn. lmao so i got ALITTLE scared, but not really. so they lefttt. then anthony called me..... =O =O. yeah. shocker. and i talked to him for awhile then i went to bed early. &&today me and my mom are going out for lunch!!<33 and then i'm babysitting tonight.
&&& help me find a new layout, please!!!!!

[edit] my florida trip was really good, but the weather wasn't the best. me& Lynn met alot of hot guys& did alot of fun things!<3
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April 5th, 2005
[ mood | depressed ]

alright guys sorry to say this but i'm going to take a break from livejournal for alittle while.
i got home from florida && anthony broke up with me. so i'm not in the best moods latley and to be honest i don't have enough time with lj
i love you all very much so just leave me messages & ill come back sooner. i promise you that
i just have to get back on focus with my school year and just find out what i'm going to do with myself now.
&& pleasepleaseplease don't take me off your lists, if you think you want to please leave a comment so i will know.
thanx! i love you guys!<3
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March 24th, 2005
IN FLORIDA TILL NEXT SUNDAY!!<3 leave TONS &&& TONS of messages for me to come back to!!!!
I love you alll!!!!!
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March 21st, 2005
[ mood | cranky ]

i lied; i'm updating now.<3

me &&& Lynn leave for Florida on Thursday morning.
the boyfriend is coming over for dinner on wednesday night♥♥♥

today in lunch mike && denzel threw denzels drink over denzels head and it spilled everywhere. both refussed to clean it up. so CASEY<3 did it for them. we clapped for him.and then denzel told off one of the lunch monitors telling her it wasn't his job to clean it up and he wanted a dollar from her to get him another drink. haha it was funny. <3

TRACK started today. i'm so sooree. i haven't ran that much since soccer; which was in october.

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March 17th, 2005

According to the Which Something Corporate Song Are You? Test...

comment on this or i am NEVER updating again. kthanx.

[EDIT:] lmao i am so funny; but seriously. everyone comment, please?<3
[EDIT#2:] i am NOT going to be commenting back on anyones unless i feel the need to, but i probably wont'
have fun commentingggggg!!!!!!
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March 12th, 2005
[ mood | tired ]

so yesterday i had off, and celebrated the madden twins birthday all day!<3 I listened to all 3 cds. for about 5hours. then when my dad got home he watched one of the dvds w/ me. &&& then i watched the other one. then @around 5ish Lynn came overrrr!!!&& my brother locked me out of the house for like 5mins in the freezzinnng collldd! haha then @ around 620ish Anthony came over=Dso we had a fun, fun night. we just hung out && talked and stuff all night. Anthony && Lynn were hungry like all night, so we got my mom to order us a piizzaaa. then we went to pick it up && we saw Taylor Jamie Stephh! && Lauren. so i introduced them to Anthony and stuffff. then we came back and ate and talked and did some other stuffffff. Anthony left @11ish & Lynn slept over. and that was my night. THEEND.
more details @my other lJAY name. heylush_____
&&&&& thats it. comment. peaaceeee.
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HAPPY 26TH BENJI &&& JOEL!!!! [Friday
March 11th, 2005
[ mood | ecstatic ]

i've been sticking with you guys ever since you were 21. you're amazing song writers && people. you deserve all this more than anyone else in the world. you've helped me out with more than enough things in the past. <3 <3 we love you.

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March 6th, 2005
[ mood | bored ]

well;yesterday me&&my mom went shopping for spring break<3 and i got two new bathing suits♥they're adorable; and i got this white skirt kinda thing, cover up. and this beach bag thing that said boy watching♥ ..haha it was cute. then at around 430ish Anthony came over<3 and we hung out and whatever. then at around 630ish maybe? my dad got home from the UB game and he took my mom and us out for chinese in north buffalo, near our old house. so we had this yummy buffetttt. and they got close to anthony and whatever;after that i begged for them to stop by our old house. so they called up our old neighbors to see if they were home so we could stop by, and they were. so we went over there for alittle while. mr chip got mad at me for bringing a boy with me haha but then he found out that Anthony was italian so he said he loved him. me &&&anthony went downstairs and talked and watched tv and whatever. then after an hour we left. so while my parents were saying good bye me and anthony went outside and i walked across the street to just stand and stare at my old house and i just started crying my eyes out. thinking about all the childhood memories me &&Lynn had there so i walked back to the car and me and anthony got in and i just turned around staring at the house and Anthony saw tears coming down my face so he said that i didn't need to cry on the seat, that i could cry on his shoulder;&&that made my night♥♥♥
but now i have to wait for my little cousins to come over<3 so comment pleaseeee;D
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March 4th, 2005
just got home; from anthonys. well i got there around 750ish &&&brandon and anthony were outside so they went to talk to my parents. well brandon talked to my mom for an extra 5mins(because my mom is his little brothers teacher)then ummmm. i found out ashely(anthonys sister) doesn't hate me. because we talked the whole time. and well, brandon was mad at me because i was an hour late, haha. so then i found out we were WALKING to the poolhall;which was 2miles away. so we start our little journey, me anthony brandon ashely and her boyfriend kenny. and we made some pit stops. brandon had to get food @noco so we had to stop there. thats when me and ashely started talking about some girls in school that i hate, now she wants to hurt them haha <3 so then, we kept walking, brandon and anthony, in the street; hah. so we get to the poolhall &&whatever. me and brandon just sat there, well i just sat there, brandon found some other people he knew, and anthony played against ashely or her boyfriend the whole time; then we left an hour later, anthonys dad took brandon home then took us back to their house and ashley and her bf went to her room and me and anthony went to his room and we watched DEGRASSI<3333then @around 1040ish my parents came to pick me up. anthony being the sweetheart that he is, walked me to the car cuz he wanted to talk to my parents. haha and that was it. he has a banquet for hockey tmrw but we might be hanging out tmrw night<3 so
good night<3
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March 3rd, 2005
i have another livejournal. if you want to add me; or asked to be added on that name. just comment there; it's friends only
the lj is heylush_____ but i'm still using this one, all the time. so don't take this one off your friends list please<3
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March 1st, 2005
[ mood | cold ]

well; yay we're back in school. ha. it suckssss. well sunday i went to my aunts house with my parents to help them babysit my little cousins. i ended up sleeping for half the time i was there, haha. then thank god my brother came and picked me up and i got home @530ish. and after this conversation me and this boy had on sunday night, i have anthony wanting to kill him, cuz i called anthony crying.just IM me if you want to hear the story onlyakiissx anyways; yesterday was our first day back and it sucked. me and nick got in a big fight and i don't know if we're okay right now? i don't know. hah. then today i missed over half of 1st. all of 2nd and half of 3rd period because i had to get a physical done, along with 5other girls, and the doctor was "running late" so the nurses kept us there for over an hour. and i'm doing this project and we have to write a poem and i'm happy to say i'm writting mine on gay marriages<3 because i feel so strongly about it and i think i should show other people how i feel about it. (i'm 100percent for it) and i guess thats all i have to sayyyy. i don't know whats going on this weekend yet. anna might sleepover friday night and we might hang out with johnny and carmen friday night<3 cuz they're our boys. if i don't do that then i'm going to see the ring2 with jake and sam<3 i might do that with them on saturday though. but anyways.. i'm done. peace<3

i don't wanna close my eyes;i don't wanna fall asleep
cuz i'd miss you baby and i don't wanna miss a thing <3
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are you afraid of being alone; [Saturday
February 26th, 2005
well today was a fun day <3@around 1250ish anthony came over;my dad gave him "the talk" on how i'm his little girl and how much he loves me, oh boy. haha and then we went to his hockey game <3 which by the way, his team won. 11 to 3. haha so i met all his little buddies on the team. saw some hot boys (haha) then when they had to get ready me and anthonys dad.. bonded. haha it was sweet though cuz now i love how i know all these random things about his dad. i feel alot more comfortable now. so, he taught me all these new hockey terms and stuff while watching their game. it was a good game too, big fight. with like 6 boys. yeah it was crazy. 4 boys got kicked out of the game.1 boy from anthonys team and 3 from the other team. haha it was funny. and then after the game we went back to anthonys house. he had to take a shower so i just watched tv in his room. then we just talked and stuff when he got out. we went upstairs in his attic; talked some more; then around 6 15ish? we had dinnnerr<3 it was fun watching anthony make some iced tea. haha and getting the table ready; hes good for something. haha so me anthony and his dad ate his dads delicious dinnnerrr. talked about this summer and how rad it's going to be. haha then umm. we went upstairssss. and whatever. then around 815ish my parents came to pick me up. and i've been home now. and i think i'm gonna go watch the missed degrassi episode from last night(that i missed, ofcourse)

and oh man - did anybody watch good charlotte on jay leno last night. and how not good was it. i mean. i stayed up that late and they were on for not even 4 minutes. and they played " i just wanna live" ew??!! yes. whatever i got mad. haha

are you afraid of being alone;
cuz i am. i'm lost without you <3
blink; you will be missed.
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February 25th, 2005
[ mood | sad ]

i want to get alot of comments of supporting fans <3
IF NOT--i'm taking you off my friends list; maybe. depending on who you are... JUST COMMENT ON THIS POST.
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February 24th, 2005
welll. lets see yesterday i was on the phone with anthony for 80 mintues and 10 seconds the one time. and lets add to that about 45 minutes, and before that was about 21 minutes <3 haha. crazyyyyy. thats all i did yesterday, actually. and today jake came over for alittle while then he went out for lunch with me my mom and some people from the boat. it was fun. then we took jake home. i came homeee. talked to anthony again, what a surprise. started cleaning my room. got rid of ALOT of clothes; now i just have to finish cleaning out the mess... and that will be my night. tmrw i have a doctors appt. then doing nothing all day till later on and i think i'm going over to faiths house with a bunch of people for movies and stuff ;D so that should be fun. well this is my update. and this is me saying bye. later. <3
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February 22nd, 2005
[ mood | flirty ]

weelllll, today i went to anthonys.<3 @ around 1230ish and i came home about an hour ago. we hung out; made him watch good charlotte on tv <33 it was a re-run of the trl awards. he only watched it because ugly lil jon came on with them, ew. haha then i called lynn because, well i don't know why. i just wanted to because shes my bffff. duhhh so then after that we went online and talked to my best friend everrr! anna!!!!=D and we made fun of some people, with her. ofcourse!! OH and then we watched some of jerry springerrr. haha good show. then we went back upstairs into his room and did stuff. i almost fell asleep so he said we could go into the attic .. and lay down or whatever, so we did. and we just hung out and stuff up there for 3 hours. haha it was fun<3 then his dad had to bring me home. and here i am now. and after reading all that YOU are going to comment okay BYE <3
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February 21st, 2005
seeing that yesterday was the best day, of the year. i guess i should write about it.
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